Playful visits and thrills !

And off we go! Let’s play  

In Vals du Dauphiné you can play, laugh and have fun!  Who better to talk about it than our visitors? 

Explor Games® : New for the Vals du Dauphiné Adventures !

We took part in (and validated) the first Explor Games® “L’Insaisissable Nuiton”: a beautiful 5km family walk in the heart of the Vallin forest in Saint-Victor-de-Cessieu… So how can you miss the new one!

We are lucky enough to be among the first adventurers to test this new digital and fantastic investigation: “L’Envol de la créature” in Saint-Martin-de-Vaulserre.

The advantages: having fun with friends and family, in the middle of the forest, while taking advantage of the many viewpoints (it’s a 5km hike that’s a bit more sporty!).

Our goal: Solve the many challenges and puzzles to capture the legendary creatures that threaten the inhabitants, with the help of the Grimoire.

Surprise: both Explor Games® are available for free, on the stores (download “Aventures des Vals du Dauphiné” on Apple store and Google Play).

It feels good, we recommend it!

Julie, 35, from Pont-de-Beauvoisin

Intri’Guiers: interactive investigation, revolution and smuggling at Pont de Beauvoisin.

It’s a bit like Colonel Mustard, in the living room, with a candlestick! Except that France’s history has shaped this twin city between Isère and Savoie. Historical figures and city streets replace the board of this well-known game.  

Mystery, smuggling, dark stories, interaction… You just can’t leave without knowing who the culprit is! We had a brilliant time all together!

It was great, highly recommended!

Nicolas, 40, from Lorient in Brittany

And also :

Rando jeux®: 5 game circuits in the form of a game of goose to learn about the local heritage by playing.

Your objective: to find and bring back the fantastic creatures from the legends of the past in the Vals du Dauphiné.


Domaine des Fauves zoo

At Domaine des Fauves, young and old alike will go on a journey where they will find themselves as close as possible to the roaring wild animals and predators. 

Understand the fragility of these species and even become a carer for the lions Wembé and Kaoma or Sanka, the white tiger, spending a morning or afternoon helping to feed and look after them. 

Dine at the “Félin pour l’autre” restaurant, under the gaze of the jaguars.   

Make sure you duck as the carnivores pass by during the “Predators of the heavens” show!  

Spend a warm night close to the wolves in the Yellowstone lodge.

This zoo is home to 200 animals, wild cats and predators, with nearly 60 species being represented. 


O’ lac

Legs outstretched, feet dangling in the water, with the mountain as a backdrop!

At the Ô lac de Romagnieu activity centre, swimming is supervised and visitors can enjoy water games, an outdoor fitness and training area, a tour of the lake, and paddle boat rental…  Picnics can be enjoyed on the grass or at a table and ice creams and savoury treats can be purchased at the snack bar.  

The Alpine natural lakes of Paladru, the “Blue Lake” and Aiguebelette, aptly named the “Emerald Lake”, one of the warmest in France, can be found just a stone’s throw away from Vals du Dauphiné