Are you looking for an ideal base camp for your holidays between Savoie and Isère? Look no further! You’re there! Close to the alpine lakes of Aiguebelette, Paladru and the Chartreuse Massif, and less than an hour from Lyon, Grenoble and Annecy, the Vals du Dauphiné will be the ideal base camp for your holidays between Isère and Savoie.
Far from the crowds and traffic jams, Les Vals du Dauphiné will allow you to shine in complete tranquillity.

Discover the 10 good reasons to come to the Vals du Dauphiné in Isère!

Les Vals du Dauphiné, for holidays close to the lakes of Aiguebelette, Paladru and the Chartreuse.

Lake Aiguebelette, the emerald pearl (10 minutes away)

Nestling at the foot of the Chartreuse and the Epine mountains, Lake Aiguebelette is the smallest of the 4 lakes of Savoie Mont Blanc and the 3rd largest natural lake in France. It is also the most preserved and the most secret. Loved by swimmers, the lake is also very popular with fishermen and rowers as it has a remarkable ecosystem and natural areas which guarantee water quality and ecological diversity. There are many other water sports activities on offer such as: paddling, boat trips, canoeing, kayaking, … All you have to do is choose your boat! In any case, the discovery of Lake Aiguebelette is bewitching. You can only succumb to the calm and serenity of the place. This spot is also the ideal place to practice many outdoor activities.

From Pont de Beauvoisin, it takes only 10 minutes drive to go diving in the Aiguebelette lake!

Lac Aiguebelette
Lac Aiguebelette
Lac Aiguebelette
Lac Aiguebelette

Lake Paladru (15 minutes away)

Nicknamed the “blue lake” by its residents, Lake Paladru has a Caribbean feel to it. This is undoubtedly due to the colour of its water which shades from turquoise to emerald. It is in water at 25° that you will bathe.
The numerous walks and hikes, of all levels, will offer you magnificent panoramas on the lake! Closer to the water, take the “voie verte” and discover beautiful, unspoilt natural areas.
You’ve bathed in the lake, you’ve cycled around the lake, now sail on the lake! At your disposal, all kinds of boats: canoe, stand-up paddle, rowing, catamaran, dinghy, pedal boats… alone or accompanied, the ideal way to enjoy the lake… without getting wet (normally)!

From Les Abrets en Dauphiné, it takes only 10 minutes drive to go diving in the Lake of Paladru.

Lac de Paladru isère
©Espirat / CC BY-SA

The Chartreuse massif (less than an hour away)

Known for its famous liqueur, the Chartreuse Massif is full of magnificent mid-mountain trails. To get you started, the 1h30 walk to the cirque of Saint-Même is a delight. This exceptional site is made up of two waterfalls surrounded by imposing limestone cliffs. You can also go around the Grande Chartreuse monastery (4h, 11km), where the elixir was developed. Also think of the Grand, Petit and Charming Som (1,867 m), the 3 dominant peaks of St-Pierre-de-Chartreuse, for the splendid panoramas on their arrival. There are places apart, where time stands still. The Chartreuse massif is one of them!

Cirque de St Même Chartreuse
Massif de Chartreuse
Massif de Chartreuse

Walibi Rhône Alpes (15 minutes away)

The Walibi Rhône-Alpes amusement park offers you its 31 attractions and shows, for an unforgettable outing with family or friends!

Located in Les Avenières Veyrins-Thuellin, the Walibi Park is less than 15 minutes from the Vals du Dauphiné.

Annecy, the Venice of the Alps (less than an hour away)

Annecy is as well known for the charm of its old town as for the green-blue waters of its lake. In Annecy, the narrow streets invite you to stroll around and the lake to do water sports. The surrounding massifs provide many opportunities for sporting outings with a view of the lake shores.

Lac d'Annecy

Lyon, capital of gastronomy (less than an hour away)

Less than an hour from the Vals du Dauphiné, discover Lyon.
Lyon is a city internationally renowned for its heritage and the varied pleasures it offers, with the famous “bouchons lyonnais” and the “tarte à la praline” in the limelight. Whether you are a gourmet, a museum enthusiast, a lover of walks in the historic districts, a lover of shows, a night owl, or all at once, Lyon offers a dizzying array of possibilities!

By Gwendoline.