A stopover on the Via Rhôna or the Way of Compostela?

ViaRhôna from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean 

In the Vals du Dauphiné, men have long used natural paths along the Rhône and its tributaries. The hauling horses have now disappeared and have left a pleasant path for bicycles, pushchairs, skates or scooters, specially designed for pedalling in peace.

Between the mountain scenery, steep gorges, green undergrowth and tranquil plains, you’ll find abundant freshness and nature. 

In this section between Geneva and Lyon, along the majestic or turbulent Rhône river, you set your own pace and make it as hard or easy as you want: whether you are taking a day trip or are embarking on a longer adventure, let yourself be amazed by this 250km route which is steeped in history and moments of shared joy.  

When you reach Saint Genix sur Guiers, a signposted connection on a shared lane, between ViaRhôna and the SNCF railway station of Pont de Beauvoisin, allows day visitors or keen walkers to access or leave this path. 


Towards the Way of Saint James  

On the way to the Way of Saint James from Geneva via Le Puy en Velay, you can focus on yourself and enjoy the encounters that pepper the way, making memories on a beautiful journey. 

Whether you are going for a sporty challenge or are looking for inspiration, the “hope of finding something… there” will guide you on this GR route. 

On the GR65 route, after the mountainous and often difficult leg in Savoie, the hilly leg in Vals du Dauphiné (Isère), between Aosta and Valencogne, 26km via Les Abrets, will feel much easier on the feet and calves.  

Practicalities: pilgrim’s accommodation, guesthouses and campsites for staying overnight along the way and provisions can be bought in Abrets-en-Dauphiné (all shops and services).