In the museums of Vals du Dauphiné, the history of France is cleverly combined with famous expertise.

Museums with working machines, costumed tours, workshops for the little ones… Heritage lives on in Vals du Dauphiné! 

At the Museum of Tisserand in La Bâtie Montgascon, the story of the Canuts [silk workers] of Dauphiné still echoes with the sound of the weaving machines in this old shed roof workshop.  

In Virieu, the Musée de la Galoche [Clog Museum], a cosy and timeless little workshop, helps you to relive the history of wooden shoes. 

At the Gallo-romain d’Aoste Museum, a Museum of France, the Gallo-Roman life under the reign of Emperor Augustus and famous pottery production are second to none! 

In Pont de Beauvoisin, a Cité du Meuble [City of Furniture] since Francis I, the Wood Machine Museum puts wood and furniture in the spotlight.

And here’s a good idea…

A shared break where children aged 4 and above can become potters, mosaic artists or weavers during one of the many workshops which take place on Wednesdays and during the holidays, giving parents an hour of free time to do whatever they want, and visit the museum, of course!