On foot, by bike

Located between alpine lakes and mountains and with 500km of marked trails, the Vals du Dauphiné is heaven for mountain bikers, hikers and horse riders.

On the doorstep of Lyon, Chambéry and Grenoble, walk through the vast landscapes and trails sprinkled with castles and rolling hills. 

Here one can enjoy a pleasant hike and see all the surrounding mountains.  

You can also explore:  

  • Cycle paths. They go up and down! Electric bikes can be rented 
  • 3 orienteering courses – basic level. Urban atmospheres, castle and old stones or undergrowth. 


On horseback with Caval’en and Dauphiné  

We see things differently on horseback, our angle of vision changes and we really see what is in front of us. 

In Vals du Dauphiné, castles are the mainstay of a horseback or horse-drawn carriage trail (dedicated network of trails). Vallin, Virieu, Pupetières and Vaulserre… It would take a while to talk about them all!

At Vallin castle, the stars are the tower with its glazed tile roof and the old horse pool.  At Vaulserre, the balcony gardens boast views across Savoie…   

Comfortable accommodation, approved by Isère Cheval Vert, restaurants in Dauphinoise colours, “Bistrot de Pays”, all equipped to accommodate horses.

Seeing Vals du Dauphiné on horseback is also an opportunity to experience natural and cultural tours by horse-drawn carriage during the summer, through events organised by the Tourist Office. 

Professionals offer walks, treks and courses throughout the year.