Orienteering in Val-de-Virieu

Another way to discover and wander around the city. 2 itineraries, one for adults and one for children. Adult itinerary lasts around 1h (3km)

You can get a map of the itinerary at one of our tourist office : Le Pont de Beauvoisin, La Tour du Pin, and discover the area (monuments, cities, trees, roads), looking for the tags to complete your map.
There are two other itineraries in St Jean d’Avelanne, walking tracks or with mountain bike, or in La Tour du Pin

Marked itinerary

Distance : 3km

Average time : 60 Min


All year round.


Free access.


  • Parking

Average length of visit : 60 min

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Orienteering in Val-de-Virieu

Départ : Château de Virieu

38730 Val-de-Virieu