What to do with your family in the Vals du Dauphiné in Isère? Find all our ideas for family activities and outings!

On holiday, at the weekend, or to occupy a Wednesday, we have selected a whole host of activities for you to do with your family.

Our ideas for family outings in the Vals du Dauphiné in Isère ?

Play the adventurers of the Vals du Dauphiné with the Explor Games®. 

Legendary creatures have escaped and threaten the inhabitants of the Vals du Dauphiné. With the precious help of the grimoire and your tablet, take on the many challenges that await you as a family!

There are two adventures available to you:

  • NEW 2021 – “The flight of the creature”: a 5km walk between forest and viewpoints in Saint-Martin-de-Vaulserre
  • “The elusive Nuiton” : a 5km walk in the heart of the Vallin forest in Saint-Victor-de-Cessieu

This digital and scripted adventure and exploration game is a mixture of an orienteering course and an outdoor Escape Game. A great time to spend with the family!

activités en famille Isère
activités en famille Isère

Conduct a survey in Pont de Beauvoisin

Become an investigator and dive into the mysterious history of the Guiers Valley.
Revolution, smuggling, treason… We need you to solve this interactive investigation in Pont de Beauvoisin. Look for clues, make your hypotheses on interactive terminals and complete your investigator’s notebook to discover the culprit. Intri’Guiers is a fun adventure that the whole family is sure to enjoy (from 6 years old).

activités famille Isère
activités en famille Isère
activités en famille Isère

Apprentice orienteers

The Vals du Dauphiné is the ideal playground for orienteering. A sport for the whole family which allows you to combine reflection and physical activity. Everyone will find something to enjoy: walking in the countryside or in town, discovering the area, finding the markers, or going as fast as possible.

activités famille isere
Parcours orientation Virieu Isère
Parcours orientation Virieu isère

An unusual canoe trip in the heart of the Guiers

An unusual experience awaits you on the river Guiers. Starting from Pont de Beauvoisin, go on a half-day aquatic hike. In the heart of a preserved nature, you will not see time passing by! A beautiful 2-hour walk that will delight the whole family (from 7 years old). And for the more intrepid among you, a more sportive 3-hour course with passage of rapids, will make you live a great moment!

activités en famille Isère
activités en famille Isère

Discovering animals

Experience an unforgettable close-up of predators at Fitilieu Zoo – Le Domaine des Fauves. Watch lions up close – shiver under carnivorous birds in free flight – eat in front of jaguars – sleep next to wolves … The Domaine des Fauves will take you on a world tour of predators during your holiday! You can even live unforgettable experiences by becoming a caretaker with the zoo teams or during the “feeding” activities.

Would you rather be close to the farm animals? Go to the educational farm of Domaine Cecolia. You can take part in various activities on the farm, including feeding the goats, chickens, horses, etc.

activités famille Isère Vals du Dauphiné
Ferme pédagogique Les Vals du Dauphiné Isère
Ferme pédagogique Les Vals du Dauphiné Isère
Domaine des Fauves Les Abrets

Family walks in the Vals du Dauphiné in Isère

  • The pond of Malseroud : In the middle of the fields in a sensitive natural area, the path in the undergrowth winds around the pond inhabited by a well-hidden fauna. The walk lasts about an hour, ideal for short legs.
  • Get some fresh air in the Vallin forest. A beautiful 1.5 hour walk through the forest of beech, oak and hazel. According to legend, druids and templars would have frequented this place for its curative properties…
  • The nature trail of La Bâtie Montgascon : On a sunny day or in the bright colours of autumn, starting from the village square, set off to discover the fauna, flora and local history. For 2.5 hours, you will walk through the woods, marshes and plains while learning about the thematic panels and markers that line the 5 km route.
Etang de Malseroud
Etang de Malseroud
Etang Malseroud
Etang de Malseroud
Etang Malseroud

Games rallies

Thanks to the grimoire and its magical powers, go on an adventure in the Vals du Dauphiné. The Baron de Bassepied and his sidekick the Nuiton, these fantastic creatures, have reappeared to play evil tricks on the inhabitants. Your mission is to go to the different places, to look for clues to reconstruct the facts which will then be recorded in the pages of the old Grimoire for future generations.
Five routes are available: La Tour du Pin, Val de Virieu, La Bâtie Montgascon, Aoste and Valencogne.

With all these ideas for family activities, the Vals du Dauphiné in Isère will be the ideal playground for your family outings!

By Marjolène.