Take advantage of the beautiful days and holidays for a meal in the great outdoors! We’ve found some great places for a successful picnic!

Picnic at the water’s edge

Pique niquer Lac de Romagnieu
Lake of Romagnieu
Pique Niquer moulin de St Ondras
The mil of St Ondras
  • To laze by the water: the leisure centre of Lake Romagnieu
  • The Montgascon Building Nature Trail is the perfect place to stop after your botanical discoveries.
  • A picnic in an enchanting setting: the Lapérouse mill in St Ondras.
  • To recharge your batteries at the water’s edge: the banks of the River Guiers (rue des Abattoirs in Pont de Beauvoisin) or on the banks of the Lône du Rhône in Saint Didier d’Aoste.

With view

The Sacré Cœur in St Martin de Vaulserre
  • To enjoy a breathtaking view of the Massifs of the Épine and the Chartreuse: the Sacré Coeur in St Martin de Vaulserre.
  • For a picnic dinner with sunset: Notre Dame des Vignes in Valencogne.

In the countryside

  • For a little rest after a cycling or walking outing: the Saint Paul chapel (chemin de la Chapelle) in Biol.
  • To take advantage of the quietness of the place: the Saint Joseph chapel in Cessieu (chemin des vignes)
  • To rest in the middle of the fields: Relais Cyné in Val de Virieu.
  • Get together as a family and enjoy the “benefits” of the spring: the miraculous fountain at Saint-Jean de Soudain.

By Anne-Laure.