Rando Jeu® : The clogmaker of Val de Virieu

Thanks to the grimoire and its magic powers. Go on an adventure. Many tricks are on the field. You need to identify the threats, retrace the events, and prevent the naughty creatures to from harming the city.

The Baron de Bassepied and his mate Nuiton, those fantasticals creature has reappeared to do evil tricks in town. Your mission is to go on the different places to find clues, retrace the events and put them in the Grimoire for decades to come.
Stéphanie and the Knight are here to support you, and you'll discover the Vals du Dauphiné.
There's also a track at La Tour du Pin, Valencogne and La Bâtie Montgascon.

Spoken languages



All year round.


Free of charge. 6€ a game
15€ for 3 games.

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Rando Jeu® : The clogmaker of Val de Virieu

Départ Place Henri Clavel ( Eglise)

38730 Val-de-Virieu