For the spring holidays we joined my parents here in a pretty gite in the middle of the countryside. It was very well-equipped and tastefully decorated, with a “family home” feel.

It came at just the right time! Work had taken me far away from my family and the Vals du Dauphiné is in a great location, very easily accessible by main roads (we travelled by car and my parents by train).

From the many suggestions of things to do, Gran, Léa and I decided to go and explore the Malseroud lake in Fitilieu, in the commune of Abrets en Dauphiné. A short 2km walk at our leisure was suggested. It was perfect! Being pregnant with my third child, I have to say that the fresh air was most welcome. It was so quiet and relaxing. Léa, at just 3… and a half, loved watching the blue dragonflies and the frogs jumping on the water lilies. There were information panels along the walk and we got a very detailed free booklet when we visited the tourist office. 

Meanwhile, the guys had a sportier outing! Grandad, Florent, my husband, and Clément, my eldest, opted for the 3 Saints orienteering course, departing from St Jean d’Avelanne. It was a first for all four of them!  Reading maps, looking for hidden markers, it was an adventure! Clément really got into it. 

To summarise, we had a lovely weekend together, sharing and disconnecting!